Your Body is More Important than Everybody

I think I better kick-start this post with a little background information about myself and what it is I’m trying to achieve. Firstly, I’m Ash, a 21 year old woman living in the beautiful city of Melbourne and I have a bachelor degree in Professional and Creative writing with a Literature major. But here’s the twist! I’m also currently trying to get into the Victoria Police and also an aspiring fitness model. Quite a contrasting combination, I know. But that’s just the thing with me, I love to give everything a go and I am obsessed with trying new and exciting things. Life’s too short to be standard and normal … right!?

I discovered my passion for the force and my love for the camera around two years ago. I knew I wanted to pursue both paths but was struck with quite a few obstacles. I was able to work independently as a commercial model but unfortunately minimal agencies were interested at putting a 165cm short arse on their books. That was the point when my confidence began to decline rapidly. My visions of modelling started to fade and so did my motivation to eat clean and train mean. I quickly learnt that when your confidence takes a big hit, it doesn’t just affect your thoughts, it also has a physical impact on your body. After a year of a few too many McChicken burgers and blocks of Lindt chocolate, I was finally able to admit to myself that I was unhappy with my life and my body. I decided that I WAS going to model, and my height was NOT going to stop me. As I can’t exactly stretch my legs to make me taller, I decided on an even better alternative, I was going to become a fitness model. It wasn’t until meeting with Belinda Carusi at Belinda Carusi’s Fitness Hub that I found the confidence to admit to myself and admit to others that this is what I wanted to do. No one likes the girl flaunting the idea that she wants to be a fitness model, right? WRONG. After an in depth discussion with Belinda I began to realise that I shouldn’t hesitate or feel guilty about being confident and proud of my dreams. Confidence and belief in yourself is the number one key to becoming a better you and sometimes it only takes one person to make you believe that you can do it and that you can take pride in trying to do so.
So, this leads me to Step Number Uno in training your mind …

Know what you want to achieve and who you want to become.

What do you ultimately want to achieve at the end of your journey? This could be as simple as knowing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, being able to run around and play with the kids or as complex as running a 40km marathon. Remember this is YOUR journey, no one else’s. It is vital to make these goals realistic and achievable to suit your body. I strongly recommend you document your journey either in a notebook or for those tech-savvy individuals, keep an online blog or folder dedicated to your health, fitness, food and all things related to your journey. When writing your goals, keep this acronym in mind;
Your goals need to be:
S pecific
M easurable
A ttainable
R ealistic
T imely

Be SMART about your goals!

So, you’ve established what it is your looking to achieve and what you want to become. Now it’s time for the second step in preparing your mind.

Drain your mind of all the negativity holding you back from reaching them.

This is the part that I found the hardest. I was a sucker for the needs and opinions of others. I put this down to countless years of bullying and being put down. Like many of you out there who have most likely experienced something similar at some stage or another, it hurts when people try to bring you down with verbal or physical abuse, and when it happens time and time again, your confidence is bound to be shaken up. It got to the point where my communication skills suffered immensely. I hated meeting new people and I even struggled to make eye contact with people I knew when speaking to them. I couldn’t stand being looked at and complimented. The bullies made me feel like I wasn’t as good as them and I wasn’t worth knowing. I believe that this is why I struggled so much to be proud and confident about my career and lifestyle dreams. Anyway, here is the good news! After you stop worrying about the opinions of others and start focusing 100% on yourself, you can achieve exactly what you want to. After you change your mindset surrounding all of the negativity you begin to understand the reasons behind why people act and say certain things to you. You need to let go of all of the worry and doubt because if you don’t believe you can do it and are constantly listening to others than the harsh truth is that you probably wont be able to do it. Throughout your journey you need to have the strength to ignore those negative vibes. I have had so many people in the short 5 weeks that I have been involved in the 12 week challenge make sly comments and nasty remarks in regards to how I choose to eat, sleep and everything in between.
“Why do you eat like that?”, “Oh my god, like can’t you eat maccas ONCE!?”, “Are you seriously drinking vodka and soda water instead of champagne, you look stupid, everyone knows your doing that to watch your weight, you look like a self obsessed health freak!”.

Well ladies, I can tell you exactly why you are hearing these comments. They are either insecure of themselves, jealous that your trying to do something to improve your life, or simply don’t have the strength to do what you are doing. Push these comments to the back of your mind and use them to motivate you further. Whilst your friend is sitting their complaining about you not eating the dripping, greasy, microwaved Hungry Jacks burger, just think about how good your bums going to look after the 20 squats your going to do when you get home. However, you must be mindful not to push people away by trying to enforce your lifestyle upon them, if they want to change for the better, they will come to you and ask how you are doing it. In order for people to change, people have to want to change. They choose to live their lives one way, and you choose another, everyone is entitled to live their lives in a way that makes them happy.

I’ve learnt that after implementing the above and training your mind to believe what you can achieve, you are going to gain a huge amount of new found inspiration, motivation and a happier, healthier future. So talk with confidence and walk with pride because it all starts mentally, and once you believe you can change, your body will begin to respond physically.

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