Sorry for the headline…….You will get amazing results…….But…….Not if you don’t start until you have the confidence.

Last week I was listening to a podcast by the Tim Ferris (Number 1 podcast provider on iTunes and author of 4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body, 4 Hour Chef, and the newly released Tools of Titans) interview an amazing woman named Debbie Millman.

Debbie isn’t a fitness person, she is actually a famous Graphic Designer (She designed the burger king logo, Star Wars Merchandise branding), author (See Brand Bible, How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer and many others) and now podcaster (See her at Design Matters – the worlds first and longest running design podcast on iTunes).

What has Debbie the Graphic Designer got to do with Group Fitness and Bootcamp?

It wasn’t what she does, but what she said that pricked my ears. It related to a discussion she had with another designer named Danielle Shapiro and it related to confidence.

The discussion centred on why confidence is overrated…….and that true confidence only comes from doing something successfully over and over again. However the only way to truly develop confidence is to first have the COURAGE to start, COURAGE to give things a go, and COURAGE to know you may potentially fail.

This week both myself, and my amazing staff here at the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub, Kilsyth have kicked off our 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge and to say we have had questions is an understatement.


Don’t get me wrong, we love it and we know that people who want results and people that actually get results all ask the most questions.


The big thing for me however was the type of questions and where they all came from…..a place of fear!


What happens if I miss a workout?

What happens if I don’t have the right ingredients?

What happens if I have this on?


Here’s the answers I’d give…..


  1. If you miss a workout, you miss a workout. Make them a priority in your diary and schedule them into your day.
  2. If you don’t have the right ingredients use a substitute (Dr Google) or jump in your car and get it.
  3. If you have an event on you need to attend be prepared. Eat before, pack some food or simply own it and make sure you’re prepared to get back into the swing of things the day after.


It’s funny because when I provide the simplest answer I see this magical sense of relief on their faces.


The silly bit is…..they already knew!


One thing I love in the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub is seeing amazing woman step up, make their intentions known and just give it a go.


Courage is the number 1 thing I look for in a 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge Winner! Kim had it (Check out her interview here) and I guarantee the next winner will also show this amazing quality.


Therefore, I have a little challenge for you all….try it this week!


  1. Write down the three things that are bothering you. They don’t need to be food or exercise related. They may be simple things that re bugging you.
  2. Now think of the most simple thing you can do to remove this from knowing away at you….day in and day out!
  3. Finally…….have the COURAGE to implement it!

This 12 Weeks is going to be all about courage! Courage to start, courage to implement and courage to accept the results that come your way!


Have an amazing day and remember to follow me on Snapchat (belcarusi) so I can share with you my 12 Week Challenge (Yes I’m doing it) and the little tips and tricks I use each and every day.


Love Belinda Carusi xoxo


P.S. I also tease Ben a lot and show cute pictures of Leo the Lion King!




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