Why I Love High Intensity Training!


…. And YOU should too!

As you read this blog post your burning fat, actually your body is always burning fat. Fat whilst driving your car, fat whilst shopping to get the mail and fat whilst texting your friends.

But, if we’re always burning fat, why don’t I lose weight and look skinny?

Well, it is correct, whilst you are cruising around doing your thing you are using oxygen and fat to energise yourself and keep you going. However, as our bodies are so efficient, we use only the minimum fat required to maintain and satisfy our bodies need to live.

So how do I lose weight fast and tone up for summer?

Well you need to make your bodies natural processes start working for you and that’s where high intensity interval training is amazing.

High intensity training is all about short sharp bursts of exercise, small rests and high, I repeat high intensity! Working to your max, cranking your metabolism and giving your all.

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So why does it work and why will it help me burn fat for longer?

When you are working at high intensity your heart rate will rise rapidly and your body will start to work anaerobically (without oxygen). Your body needs oxygen to survive so post workout your body will stabilise and work harder to replenish oxygen stores and recover. This process is called EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) and requires your body to use more energy, which in turn burns more fat. This happens for hours post exercise and shows amazing results in my clients.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

HIIT workouts are not only good for fat loss and kick-starting your overall metabolism but also extremely convenient. If you have space to swing your arms you have space to do a HIIT workout. No equipment is required, just your body.

Don’t find it challenging? 

Well as hard as I find that to believe, if you in fact need more challenge, I encourage you to increase your intensity and work harder, reduce you recovery and incorporate more dynamic exercises. Claim your FREE 7 Day Trial by clicking here – and let’s see what we can do about that!

Keen to know what exercises we think are the best for shifting stubborn fat and help you tone up fast?

Click here to grab our top ten fat burning exercises you can incorporate into a HIIT workout!

It’s a type of training I personally love so I hope you do too! Don’t forget our next 12 Week Challenge begins in ONLY 4 WEEKS ladies, and it is the LAST one for 2016. Your final chance to have the body you’ve dreamt of for Summer. Don’t hesitate! Or as I like to say, DONT THIS JUST DO!

See you next week,

Belinda xo

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