Top 5 Tips For Your First 12 Week Challenge!



Starting your first 12 Week Challenge might be a little bit daunting for you, right? You aren’t really sure what to expect or where to start. Well guess what? That’s completley OK. And is why I have asked one of our BCFH Clients to share with you her top 5 tips for your first 12 Weeks….

  1. Be Open Minded

The first and foremost tip I would give you to starting your challenge the right way, is be open minded. You are going to learn A LOT about yourself and your body. You’re going to learn of bad habits you didn’t even know you had, you’re going learn an influx of information you might of never heard of before. My advice? Keep an open mind, don’t decide you love or hate something straight away.

Sometimes it’s hard because we are so stuck in our ways, we’ve lived that way our whole life, or we have been eating a certain food our whole lives and then you find out its bad for you and think WHAT!? Surely not.

You can allow change to go one-way, or the other. You can take it positively and create a new healthy habit or you can let is deter you from your goals. Embrace the changes you will face throughout, I promise by the end of 12 Weeks these healthy habits you gain will stay with you for life.


No one likes to be stressed, and the best way to combat that feeling is to be organized. As apart of Belinda Carusi’s online program there is a prep week, which is super important. Starting off on the right foot is a must. Stress can not only minimize or slow down your weight-loss journey, it takes the fun out of everything, it should become something you WANT to be doing, and not a chore. One of the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub core values on the wall says, ENJOY THE PROCESS. It shouldn’t be a negative or stressful journey and in order to NOT feel overwhelmed, you need to feel organised.

 Here are some tips:

  1. Buy a diary or use your phone calendar. This way you will also be more likely to have your workouts, food prep, and grocery shop time sorted for the week and will never have to worry about when you can do what.
  2. I would recommend doing your first food prep shop a week or so before you begin to ensure you have results packed pantry and fridge!
  3. Book your ‘other’ appointments around your workouts that way there is never an excuse. That way you can successfully have a hair appointment AND a workout in one day!

3. Trust The Process

The most important (and hard to learn) tip of all. To begin your challenge, you must adapt the mindset of trusting the process. If you follow the plan you’ve been given and stay consistent, the results WILL follow! It’s so important! You’ll be sick of hearing this by the end, they will drill this into your minds EVERY WEEK so be prepared haha!

4. Get Grateful

A grateful mindset is a positive mindset and a positive mindset brings a positive life. Our minds work in funny ways! Every night I fill in my “gratitude book” from Kiki K, if I feel stressed or down, I fill this in and automatically feel better. Even if it is the smallest thing like having dinner on the table or having a job to go to everyday. Practicing gratitude is a must for every aspect of life and I promise this will help beat any negative thought in your mind.

5. Make Friends

Sometimes this is a little daunting, but whether you are 30 years old, 50 years old or 18 years old. Making likeminded friends is a must in this journey. We know sometimes it’s a little bit scary, it’s like walking into school for the first day, but please refer to tip #1 and have an open mind. You will meet some amazing, inspirational ladies and you get to support each other to achieve your goals, how cool is that?

I hope this helps you on your very first 12 Week Challenge!

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