The Power of Summer!

It feels like Winter has really just hung on for dear life!

When you felt like the clouds were going to clear, the rain dry up and the Sun peak through the clouds, the weather man gave us a little bit more (Like we hadn’t had enough already).

Now we know the effects on our body and mindset when the weather is cold, it’s dark at 5.30pm and you just want to be at home….with the heater on…and your slippers….and if you follow me on SNAPCHAT or Instagram, my special (And to be honest gross) dressing gown!

The best thing about tomorrow and the next day though is that the weather will clear, the Sun will come out and we’ll start whinging about how hot it, rather than cold!

Now to point of this blog post….WHY Do We Always FEEL Healthier in the Summer?

Here’s WHY

Our Food Changes! 

Summer weather doesn’t make me scream slow cooked food like Winter does and for that reason we seem to be more fresh, raw vegetables and fruit. Think Smoothie Bowls, Acai Bowls, Fruit Salad, Fresh Salads and Juices!

Because of this we’re more hydrated, have more energy as we’re digesting lighter foods and generally we’re getting more nutrients from our food!

Vitamin D Baby!

The Sun is out so why not enjoy it! In the Summer we get outside more and whilst we do need to be careful of the amount of UV exposure, we get bulk Vitamin D. One of the core building blocks for functioning at our best self (Think immune system, brain health, hormonal health).

If you went to functional medicine practitioner, you’ll probably have low vitamin D. An unfortunate product of working long hours and being stuck in an office all day!

Sleep is Better!

Yes, unless you have air-conditioning, there are nights in Melbourne that can be unbearable i.e. 40+ degrees.

Hot nights aside, the Summer does do it’s best to help you sleep at night and that once again is all about chemistry (Yes I’m talking about the Sun and Your Brain!). Stat with me!

In the Summer, the sun shines and we take it in because it feels to so amazing on our skin. From there the body recognises the sunlight and your brain registers it in your pineal gland (Think mini walnut) which in turn slows down the production of melatonin (The hormone that puts us to sleep).

This keeps us awake, whilst also ramping back up when we need it most, at night.

Winter, especially on really dull days can see the opposite happen, with melatonin production on overdrive. Making us feel sleepy all day long!

The all important Mindset! 

Now all of the above means nothing unless we harness it for good and not evil and that comes down to Mindset!

Here’s a few things to take into account….

  • Daylight savings gives you a few more hours each and every day! More time….Why not exercise!
  • Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables loves the Sun as much as you, making them sweet and so appetising! No more excuse not to each the right stuff!
  • Holidays are around the corner! Set them goals!

Summer seems to turn us upside down and the glass turns from half empty to half full! Why not harness that natural energy and set some powerful goals! No matter how big or small, make them a priority because as time flies when we’re having fun and before you know it we’ll be talking slow cooked meals and fireplaces again!

For me, Summer can’t come fast enough!

Love Belinda xoxox

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