Sitting is the New Smoking….NO…Maybe?

Hi guys! Belinda here!
Alright, It’s Friday (Or Saturday, Maybe Sunday or Monday….whatever day you end up reading this) and we have three quarters of the day to get through!

Speaking at dinner the other night we discussed something my Dad was shared by a HR Consultant at work.

Sitting is Worse than Smoking? No….well maybe

So firstly, don’t stop sitting and take up smoking!

But do…take the time to reflect on the amount of time you sit every day. Here’s what we worked out for Dad (Fiore…What a legend!)

Fiore’s Day!

Alarm Goes Off……Snooze!

Up he get’s and goes downstairs. Computer on to check his shares!

Down he sit’s!

15 minutes later, the US market is up (which apparently is good for Australia) and it’s time to make coffee!

Up he get’s….into the Kitchen and turns on the coffee. The pot sings and guess what….

He sit’s down to enjoy his Coffee and read the paper on his phone!

15-30mins later, it’s time for a shower and off to work.

He’s been up for 2 hours and has been sitting for close to 45mins.

Into the Car and driving to Notting Hill in traffic takes an Hour. Lucky he has 3AW and those talk back show’s I hate to listen to! How boring!

Parking his car, he jumps out of his seat and walks into work to his desk….and guess what…he sit’s down! It’s 8.30ish and now the tall has come to 1 hour ands 45mins!

2 to 3 hours later all emails are done and the phone has been ringing flat out. Issues it seems…but nothing this man can’t handle!

4 hours and 45mins total on his butt and it’s time for lunch! So it’s into the tea room, lunch box open and he sit’s down!

30-45mins later he’s enjoyed Mum’s leftovers and Protein Balls and it’s time to get back to work!

Down he sit’s!

The day stretches on and he get’s up to go the toilet and to walk to some meetings etc. Primarily though he’s sitting down.

Let’s say that 85% of the rest of the day was sitting! Probably about 3.5-4hours. We’ll say 4….taking the tally now to 8 hours and 45mins.

Into the Car, talk back radio back on and he drives home! Today the traffic is really bad so he’s in the car for 1 hour and 15mins.

It’s now 6.15pm and that’s a total of 10 hours! And guess…that’s in only 12 hours!

So you’d think that’s the end of it….but no!

There’s dinner and then chilling on the couch! Let’s say 30mins plus 3 hours!

Total Time on Butt = 13 hours and 30mins in just 16 hours or just under 85%!


Now Fiore is active over the weekend, does Yoga and rides his bike! He also run’s after my son Leo and eats really quite healthy (Even if he doesn’t know it….Anna does it all for him!).

What about the rest?

Compounding significant amount of sedentary lifestyle with junk food, alcohol and potentially smoking and we can see what they really mean when they say sitting is worse than smoking!

Movement is life and to live you need to move.

Movement to help with your mood

Movement to help with your digestion

Movement to help with your heart health and generally;

Movement to thrive!


I challenge you all to record your “normal” day and see how much you sit down. How much you’re active and how much you just could never account for!

Here’s 5 Ways to Help you Move More!

  1. Get up early and go for a walk! Helping you start your day with success and to get some fresh air and help you prepare for the day.
  2. Set an alarm to get up every 90mins or so to grab a drink of water from the kitchen at work. Water + Movement = Happy
  3. Take lunch break and get out of the office. Even if it’s a five minute break to grab some Vitamin D!
  4. Book in some exercise i.e. Bootcamp, gym etc and treat it as a non-negotiable.
  5. Take time at night to stretch and lengthen tight, sore muscles. Much of the issues associated with sitting can be seen in muscular skeletal aches and pains associated with biomechanics being all out of whack!



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Have an amazing day!


Love Belinda xoxox


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