How To Ignore Negative Influences

We hope you don’t have any… But occasionally there is the odd person who just does not understand or agree with your journey. Do not let that stop you. Seriously. We are the weird ones, ladies. The ones who want to be fit, the ones who WANT to eat clean, feel and look amazing.

As Angelina Jolie says, “People say i’m going the wrong way, when it’s simply my own way”

Whether it be at your workplace, your own home, or your mums group, its inevitable to sometimes encounter negative influences, so here’s how to deal with it.

You’ve started lifting weights, working out and  you’re learning how to feel and live an amazing life! No more lunch from the service station, no more sitting for hours on end and you’ve substituted dehydration for 2 litres minimum per day. It’s going fantastic… the problem is, the more you change, the more you can start to  feel like an outcast, the more you critique and inadvertently alienate your coworkers with your quinoa salad versus their pie, your alkalizing green smoothie versus their extra large genetically modified soy latte.

People don’t agree with your choices, your food, your goals. What will you do? Back to the meat pies and 600m soft drink for lunch? Never! Here’s a few simple tips for dealing with and managing that negativity that sometimes just happens.

1. Never get deterred by negative feedback!

Remember, critics of your health and fitness transformation are just like bears! They are more scared of you than you are of them. Don’t worry they are just threatened by your goji berry smoothie. 9 times out of 10, jealousy plays a pretty big factor in negative influences, just like your Mum used to tell you, she was right (as always).

2. Go undercover!

There is nothing more motivating for others than slowly seeing changes in yourself. It doesn’t happen overnight, but after a prolonged period of commitment to good health and exercise, the results will start to show and people will get interested. Once they notice your progress, they will be hooked and the questions will stream in… What’s in that smoothie? Where do you workout? How did you get such toned and sexy arms?

Remember, going undercover requires discipline. They must never know your doing it until it’s too late and they’re dying to know how you look so good, sharing your morning shake, doing their food prep and joining the local bootcamp.

3. Be ready and willing to share!

Remember the first time you went to the gym, had a food consultation or underwent assessment. You were probably half naked, guilty for cheating on your food diary and conscious of your level of fitness. You’re not alone, and you represent 99.9% of all people that embark on a health and fitness journey. Therefore, it’s your responsibility… no actually it’s your mission to ensure this first experience is as easy as possible and you can help your friends, family, or coworkers to join alongside with you.

And my favourite tip… USE THE OTHER GIRLS AT THE HUB. We are a community of women, who are all striving for very similar things, whether it is week 4 or week 40, everyone starts somewhere and there is no better support than the ones you train alongside everyday. So meet someone new, go with a different boxing or chipper partner, ask questions! And remember you are on this journey for YOU, no one else.

Let’s smash out week 6 ladies!!!

Love, Belinda xx


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