Lacking Motivation? Read This!

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Well it’s now only weeks (A few months) until Christmas and hopefully for many of you a nice and well earnt break from work.

This period can be a little bit of a trap but also a great time to start something new, recommit to your fitness and health goals or refresh them completely.

Things at this time of the year change and with them come massive levels of motivation. It may be as simple as the weather starting to come good, the promise of that Christmas/ New Year break on the horizon and the chance to spend time with family and loved ones.

This motivation doesn’t come around often and it’s when you feel this motivation it’s paramount that you harness it and send it in the right direction towards something positive.

Here’s a little guide for making this motivation work for you!

1. When you feel the urge, you need to give it plenty of air. And that means you put yourself in a positive, supporting but also challenging environment. Surround yourself with people who also want more and are willing to hold you to your goals, and lock away a goal that is visible, public, and achievable but also feels slightly out of reach (Stretching).

2. Next thing you need to do is get yourself in routine. Currently we are bathing Leo at 10pm. It chills him out, puts him to sleep and then let’s all three of us get to bed and sleep for a prolonged period until Leo starts gurgling, farting away and playing in his bassinet. You are no different, a routine that is consistent, achievable and can be locked away will help you get going and involved with feeling like it’s a chore. Here’s a few things you can do:
a. Book in your workouts just like a meeting at work or a lunch date with a friend. Book it in and make it a priority.
b. Book in a day to dedicate to your food. I don’t mean 24 hours, rather a day that you buy, prep and cook your meals for the week. Doesn’t need to be 100% Tupperware meals for the week, but could be vegetables chopped, protein lined up ready to defrost the day before so dinner time is really, really easy.
c. Make your goals part of your everyday life. Health and fitness is not just in the gym, but also part of what you just do…walks, healthy café’s, bike rides with your partner, foam rolling whilst watching TV etc
d. Book in down time and reward yourself i.e. if I get through the week and tick off my workouts, meals etc… I get to… Get creative and refer to point c above.

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3. The next thing is to refresh your food. Just like the same weights, you’re body get’s used to eating the same food, over and over again. Therefore we need to adjust here and change it up. Here’s how:

a. Kitchen Cleanout Version 2…..the first one was brutal. Out went the biscuits, chips and other sneaky foods that hid in the cupboard. Now the kitchen cleanout is all about reassessing what has found their way back in and whether the person who has hit theirs goals would have that in their cupboards. Be honest with yourself and never waste food. Take it to work, share it with family or simply own it and finish it, never to return again!

b. Buy a new set of cookbooks or spend an afternoon cruising on Pinterest. Create an arsenal of new or tweaked recipes that will keep you interested and satisfied.

4. Be honest with yourself……You may not be 100% where you want to be and if you are honest with yourself, it will be obvious. Maybe it’s a few too many nights enjoying yourself, not eating enough food, few extras drinks, “healthy treats” or health food substitutes that are really not that “healthy”. Own them and create a plan to get on top of them! One by one, doing the most simple thing you can without being too drastic (Remember drastic can turn to resentment and resentment leads to binging!).

5. Track your results! Workouts, assessments food diaries and other tick the box type exercises that you can refer back to show you what works and what definitely doesn’t!

6.Finally and a consistent one in the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub! Asking more questions and going all in! The people that get results put themselves right, slap bang in them idle of everything. They share, ask questions, make mistakes, support others, educate themselves and generally ensure that if anyone is getting to their goals, it’s going to be them!

I hope you enjoyed my simple, little guide to helping make this renewed motivation work for you!

Have the best week,

Belinda xoxo