Interview Series: Belinda Carusi and Tyler Tolman (Part 1)

Hi Guys!

Welcome to my first real interview of my new Interview Series.

Sometimes fitness is not enough. In the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub and in my Online Program we use a fitness and nutrition as a base to building a healthy lifestyle, however over the past few years I’ve found that like many things, Women (all people really) struggle to find the right balance between exercise, nutrition and life.

Part of my mission is to teach people that balance and to support Women, and in turn their families, to live healthy, but also, happy lives in their best body!

My first interview is with the amazing Tyler Tolman. I first learn about Tyler through his Dad, Don Tolman, a health and wellness advocate (Known as the Wholefood Medicine Man) that has been traveling the world impacting lives and teaching the power of self care. Self care isn’t about avoiding conventional medicine, but utilising your bodies power and intelligence to prolong, heal and restore your body.

Tyler has followed in his fathers footsteps and has carved his own path, teaching thousands of people worldwide the power of whole plant foods and natural healing.

I know you’re going to live this interview and even if you only take one thing out of it you’ll be richer for the experience!

I hope you enjoy it!

Love Belinda xoxo

Part 1: Health and longevity with Tyler Tolman go to his seminar it's on Thursday evening 6.30pm book, this is worth your time and you deserve to know how to be healthier and happier everyday!! :

Posted by Belinda Carusi on Tuesday, 18 July 2017