I am soooo excited, happy & proud to share with you Emma’s journey, our 1st place WINNER ❤️
Emma has been a member of ours since the end of 2015 and has been involved in nearly every 12 Week Challenge we have offered.

To put it bluntly, it hasn’t always worked for Emma and it hasn’t always been easy! But thats the beauty of a journey.

This 12 Week Challenge we all feel Emma found herself, her routine, and what works. It’s different for everyone and thats ok – you just do what you do and what works for your life.

Emma lost 17cm in total, a massive 10.3kgs of body fat, body fat percentage dropping a huge 11%, all while maintaining a consistent muscle gain of 2kgs over 12 Weeks.

The part that really caught our eye was Emma’s visceral fat level, for those who don’t know what this is – its the fat around your organs, you can’t see it but it is the cause of so many health issues in overweight people who have a high level. It’s related to food, processed foods, stress, sleep, hormones…. And it’s hard to drop!

But Emma’s dropped a MASSIVE 8 points in 12 Weeks. Generally we see a couple of numbers drop, 2, 3 if your lucky. But 8 is an amazing effort.

How did Emma do it, you ask?

Well she followed our 12 Week Challenge, the plan we offered, she followed, and so did the results!

Her biggest tip – A calendar. Sounds easy, right?

Socialising is a big part of Emma’s life, so she knows for her cutting treats, eating out, wine etc. out of her life isn’t maintainable. She knows if she cuts all of these things out – she’ll binge on them down the track and therefore go off track!

So instead of cutting them out, she kept a big calendar on her fridge, so she could see when she had events, dinners out, birthdays etc. So she could PLAN these times, have them to look forward too and know that if she worked really hard in between those times, she wouldn’t feel guilty.

Emma says she is now a happier, less stressed Mother & wife ❤️ which for us, is the biggest win of all.

Emma has won herself a very well deserved HOLIDAY valued at $1500 and we know she’s going to be rocking a bikini with confidence 🙂