Why You Should Consider Going Gluten Free…

How being Gluten Free changed Laurenia’s life. This is an amazing and brave story shared to you by one of our members. We cannot thank Laurenia enough for sharing her story with us and we SO pleased her suffering is over..

I have suffered fro Eczema my entire life. They say you grow out of it as you get older, but not in my case. It got worse as I got older. Ive spent thousands and thousands of dollars, visited allergists, my gp and dermatologist hundreds of times. Every time I would see them they would prescribe me with antibiotics and prednisolone. It would relieve me whilst I was on it, but the moment I stopped taking them I would break out twice as bad. I got to the point of not wanting to take medications prescribed by my doctors and specialist. I kept asking them what the cause was… but they just kept prescribing medications and not curing the cause of my problems. 

Last year I hit an all time low. I was itchy all the time.. to the point my skin was flaking, raw, bleeding and swollen. I couldn’t lift my arms, I couldn’t pick anything up.

People would tell me to stop scratching, but it’s not that easy. Unless you have experienced eczema you can’t just stop itching… I was in so much pain all the time. I was taking time off work, staying at home, not wanting to leave the house. I was so embarrassed. I looked hideous. Even going to bed of a night became an issue and stressful because I’d scratch in my sleep and not know if I’d wake up in a bed full of dead skin, be covered in raw, weeping, bleeding skin. 

I decided to try something different and went to see a naturopath. She told me I had a gluten intolerance as soon as I saw her and said to stay off gluten as that was the main cause of my eczema. 

I felt somewhat relieved that I finally had an answer of what could be the cause rather than just be given medications to mask the problem. I went home did some research and decided to throw out everything in the house that had gluten. My cupboard and fridge were almost empty… gluten is in everything!!

I ventured down to the shops and replaced everything I threw out with gluten free versions. I was very surprised that I could get everything I had previously but gluten free. 

After a couple of months of staying off gluten my skin cleared up. I had never looked so good in as many years as I could remember. I felt so much healthier, less bloated, less tired and I lost a couple of kgs which was a bonus! 

I was worried that I would never be able to go out and have food that tasted delicious but was gluten free, but every restaurant, cafe, pub and take away store now do gluten free options. Most of which are amazing! 

I still get eczema sometimes, but no way near to the extent I had it before. I find that if I have anything with gluten I instantly get itchy and my skin takes almost a week to recover from it. 

I use to crave simple things like a cheese burger or a chocolate bar on occasions and thought “one burger” or “one chocolate bar” should be fine… turns out it’s not fine. I instantly get itchy and break out in a rash that takes almost a week to clear. Now I don’t ever feel like these things as I know how shit it makes me feel for the whole week. That one minute off bliss of eating a chocolate bar is not worth it. 

After doing extensive research on gluten, I have come to realise that it is in everything and is so bad for your body. I recommend to anyone gluten intolerant or not to get off gluten. It’s like poison for your body. Even just get off it for a few months and you’ll see what difference it makes to your body then you decide. 

Thank you Lauerina for sharing your journey with us! 


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