Our Pilates classes are focused on strengthening your abdominals, tightening your gluteal muscles and correcting your posture. This class is perfect for those who want a toned abdominal area and really nice butt!

Body Rip

A high intensity cardio boxing workout designed to be a fun but to also leave you dripping with sweat! Your hands will have the shakes after this workout!

Shred IT

Designed to shred body fat! Boost your metabolism and burn fat fast! Focusing on body weight exercises and short, sharp reps!

Lean & Mean

A strength based workout designed to get you super lean with a mean burn! The Lean and Mean his workout focuses on functional exercise and muscular endurance! Get ready for lots of reps and exercises.


Build your body like a wonder women! Focusing on fewer exercises but more sets and weights. A must if you want lifelong results!