The ultimate partner workout that is designed to be fun, interactive and super effective. You and your partner (that you’ll meet in the session) have a goal to reach a set number of reps ultimately … Read More


A high intensity boxing session created to work you hard and improve your boxing skills at the same time. Beat up your fat and ensure it’s too scared to ever return!


An ancient indian practise designed to help us work on our emotional, physical, mental and social self, through various techniques such as, postures and movement, breathing exercises, relaxation, concentration, self inquiry and meditation. Yoga has … Read More


Our Pilates classes are focused on strengthening your abdominals, tightening your gluteal muscles and correcting your posture. This class is perfect for those who want a toned abdominal area and really nice butt!

Strong Women

This one is a full body workout with a difference! This bootcamp style session works on toning your body and developing better core strength using equipment with an edge like industrial strength tyres, sleds, and … Read More