How incrediable is this before and after? 😱

Mum of three, Candice committed herself 110% to this challenge. Her meal prep was always a priority, her attendance was spot on, she didn’t miss a thing!

In total, Candice lost 11.5kgs of BODY FAT in ONLY 12 WEEKS!!!! That is just insane, but we aren’t surprised as we know she followed the plan and how committed she was.

Candice also dropped 6% in body fat percentage, and gained just over 1.5kgs of muscle mass 👌🏻

Once again, like our winner, Candice managed to drop her visceral fat by a massive 6 points – anyone who has done this before knows how hard that can be to do. It shows us how consistent and clean Candice’s diet was throughout this 12 Week Challenge 🍑

Throw in there a loss of 31cm in total and you have your dream body!

Candice said this is the first time in years she’s really put herself first, but she was ready to get her body back on track after having her third child… And now she says…

“I feel amazing, I love what I see and love my mindset towards myself, I love that I’m running again and can’t wait to take that further. I’m also getting a lot closer to my “goal weight/look” for my wedding in 5 months and its made me so much more excited and I’m so happy I haven’t left it to the last minute to do something about it!”

We have seen how hard Candice has worked towards the goals, and while we know she isn’t done – we are SO proud of how far she has already come ❤️