Bootcamp Pro

Bootcamp Pro is our elite body transformation program
To be part of this program you must have:
• Completed at least one round of the 12 Week Bootcamp Transformation Challenge or one round of personal training.
• Be selected by one of the personal trainers as a high performing candidate that is ready to train and compete at an intense level.
• Demonstrate full commitment and dedication to Bootcamp and show us you are ready to take it to the next level, both from a training, mindset and nutritional perspective.

To show our commitment to you, we will only be offering this program to a select number of clients ensuring that you will be training with those who meet the requirements and pre-requisites of the program.
Bootcamp Pro has been a great success in its short life span as it has given our elite girls a new focus and challenge, while also providing an incentive and motivation to all other Bootcamp girls.
In essence, Bootcamp Pro is raising the bar and creating a new level of excellence within the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub.
If selected you will be teamed up in a group of six. This select six will be your team for the next 12 weeks. Success within Bootcamp Pro will hinge on the transformation of your team and how far your group can collectively improve within your rotation.

What does Bootcamp Pro entail?
• 2 Intense but always intimate Bootcamp Pro Sessions each week (heavy weights and massive results!)
• 2 Bootcamp Sessions (the original and the best).
• Weekly Food Diary Review.
• Creation of a Personalised Meal Plan.
• Professional Photo Shoot (to celebrate your results).
• Final Team Challenge (the chance to use your new found talents and pit them against your peers!)

If this is something that appeals to you make it one of your goals and aspire to work hard in your initial program and show us what you can do!