After a crazy week 1 we settle into the 12 Week Challenge and start to build a routine.  A routine of regular exercise, a routine of planning and executing my Meal Plan and a routine of doing the small things that can give you a little help.

For me, building this routine in Women links straight to tools we have at hand! Why else do you think Kikki.K sells so many diaries, planners and organising tools?


I don’t know why we do it….But Women love to tick things off!

And that’s why we have put sign off sheets everywhere! In the Hub, in your food diary and ready to print and put up at home.

The reason we love tick off sheets is that they keep you accountable, them prompt you to make it happen. The best thing though is that when you build up a bank of ticks, you feel motivated to never leave a space empty!

Momentum is a crazy thing and I love it because it can build some really strong standards.

Standards for how much they need to train each and every day

Standards on the type of food they eat and how much they actually do eat.

Standards about the type of life they want to live and the type of lifestyle they deserve and want for their family.

Another resource that we start to use and integrate into our lifestyle in Weeks 1&2 is the food diary I provide as part of the little goodie bag each and every one of the challenge participants.


Now I mentioned Kikki.K before and I can because they should have sponsored me years ago. I’ve bought the goals books, diaries, mindfulness and reflection tools, fancy pens and accessories. Spent countless hours writing, journalling and planning! And it works! It’s worked so well that you’ll find Ben (My husband) every Monday in a Cafe for 30mins planning his week in the journal/planner I gave him!

Now the Hub Food Diary isn’t just a few sheet of paper. This could be your 12 Week Challenge go-to guide in one. A tool I’ve developed, tweaked and refined over years of training women.

For me it needed the following things:

  • A place to write down you food and feelings.
  • A place to goal set
  • A place to keep track of you progress (Measurements, Fitness levels etc)

And finally, some guidance! A focus for the week that builds over the 12 weeks while you master the week prior!

Now resources aren’t any good though unless they are used and put into practice and this really is one of the big wins we see in Week 2 of the Hub…Implementation and application!


Food prep is always the first one we focus on and it’s always in Week 2 that we see some really amazing photos posted by motivated women, ready to hit their goals, set in Week 1. Here’s a some of the really impressive photo’s we received from Women who previously thought it was “too hard” or “didn’t have the time” to make it happen.

As you’ll see, there’s no rice, chicken and broccoli! Only foods that we know are sustainable, can be eaten by the whole family and don’t make you resent meal times or meal plans.


The final thing and something that we’re still tweaking is our Accountability groups.

What are they? Well we know that every 8.30 and 9.30 class we have a big group of Women who come to their sessions early and have a chat.

Before they started they weren’t best friends, they didn’t join together or line it up prior. They met at the Hub and created their own little accountability group.

This chat is almost as important as the session itself as I know that to get there in the first place they need something (Before it becomes a lifestyle) to ensure that life doesn’t get in the way!

Knowing how powerful these are, we have created some artificial accountability groups, full of Women who don’t know each other, but tend to train at the same time and are testing to see how they work and how they result in better results for our clients.


Whilst not as crazy as Week 1, we had a great time on Week 2 and can see the new clients really step up in the sessions and get more confident to give things that even one week ago they thought wasn’t even possible!

Can’t wait for Week 3!


Love Belinda xoxox

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