Behind the Scenes – Week 1 Recap

Well Week 1 is done! It was crazy but we now have a group of motivated, food prepped and set up, ready to go Women who are ready to take on the world!

I thought that it was a good time to go behinds the scenes and let you know what we’ve been planning for them and what it takes to get Week 1 happening!

So Week 1 is all about preparing the amazing Women who have joined the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub 12 Week Challenge ready to go. Not just memberships and the simple things, we’re talking accountability structures, strong powerful goals and that little bit of support to enable them to feel comfortable enough to ask the few questions that we know puts them in the right place to make it happen!

So the 12 Week Challenge kicks off with me (Belinda) welcoming them all to the Hub and the Challenge via Webinar. This means they can jump in front of their computer at Home and get to pick Belinda’s brain about all things food, exercise and lifestyle. It’s here that Belinda get’s a great idea about who is serious and who needs that extra little bit of support.

It’s also the time where we introduce them to Belinda Carusi Online (Check it out here), a membership program that they get access to for 12 Weeks that gives them everything they need to eat healthy, do that little bit extra but also learn the things that Women do all over the world that get’s them closer to their goals. This education is so important as it gives them real confidence and we know that confident Women make it happen!

Much of this challenges questions related to meal planning which for Women seems to be a real focus. Many Women feel like they don’t know what to do, they have tried it all or just don’t have the time to prepare healthy food. Many think it’s too expensive to eat healthy but we teach the real cost of eating quality food, sourced from ethical sources.

Once we finish up, the Women in the Challenge are ready to begin Week 1. Time to pick up their goodie bags!

Week 1 is all about setting a base line and understanding where they are and where they want to get too.

To do this, we approach it from multiple different angles. We do this because I know that no two women are the same and results to one aren’t represented by the same thing. Here’s a few ways we do it:

Measurements – A great way to gauge changes to your composition and for those on a weight loss journey ad fantastic way to see your body change as you change your life and your habits.

Body Composition Scans – Giving you lot’s of data on the specifics of your body. Can be scary for some, however doesn’t need to be if you understand what results really means. No more scales at home, we teach them to be more precise and focus on what you’re body is telling you.

Before and Afters Shots – Instagram material to show your amazing results to the world. But seriously, every before shot starts with a frown and end with a beaming smile! It’s amazing to see how proud Women are if their commitment. We get our professional photography back drop out and make you feel like a star….in your undies!

And of Course a Workout – We do this with a special workout that mixes weights and cardio to test both your strength, stamina, endurance and mental approach. Within 6 Weeks we see Women look at previous results and wonder why they lifted so much less the time before, or got so little reps.

p.s. All of this done on a special day for 12 Week Members only.

Once all of this we all sit down as a group and assign accountability groups and do some in depth goal setting the Hub way. This is all about visualisation and learning how to live, breath and step into the life and person you want now. Set the habits of the person you want to be now. Make it happen NOW, not wait for the 12 Weeks to be over!

Phew! Sounds like a lot, it can be! But it’s worth it. No one will do it for you, but we can put the structures in place to make it as easy as possible!

Oh yeah we worked out too! Lol

Have an amazing day!


Love Belinda xoxox

p.s. If you’re interested in the Hub don’t hesitate. Grab a Free Trial on us! To claim it, click here and we’ll do the rest! You’ll love it! It has lot’s of info the place too so don’t forget!

p.p.s If you enjoyed this, I’d love to share with you a video on one of my previous 12 Week Challenge Winners! It’s a really cool video that you’ll really enjoy! check it out here!