Behind The Scenes I Week 6 Recap!

WE ARE HALF WAY THERE and I can’t believe how fast this has gone!

I’m so proud of our 12 Week Challenge girls – I know that so many of our clients never thought they could commit for this long, and it makes us so happy to see that EVERY person who signed up for the challenge (all 100 of them) are still attending and on track, one of our highest success rates yet!

So this week was crazy busy and super fun! Not only did we have our Week 6 assessment, which includes body composition scans and measurements all week, a fitness test and professional before and after photos, we also had our 12 Week Challenge Empower Me Seminar Day with some absolutley incredibly, inspiring guest speakers!

Lets start with the assessment…

WOW! So many amazing results, transformations and goals achieved ALREADY. We saw a lot of smiles and even some happy tears last week.

To give you an indication… Overall there was a total loss of over 550cm, thats an average of 5cm per client (some getting WAY MORE, some a bit less) but thats the beauty of this journey is everyone is different.

One thing we really noticed more so than normal is the amount of points dropped in visceral fat, something we are super passionate about because this shows to us that our clients have made HEALTHY changes in there diet, cut out processed foods and made a real effort to become active and less stressed.

Here are some of the many amazing before and after shots from Week 6…

We are so proud of these ladies and can’t wait to show many more in the next 6 weeks once the ladies have the confidence to share 🙂

As talked about in Week 5’s recap – it’s also massive for us to enforce onto the girls how they FEEL after 6 Weeks with some serious goal setting and reviewing, all apart of the assessment process!

Aside from assessment we had our Empower Me Seminar Day which was A M A Z I N G…

We had Erin from Mummy Mind Detox talk to the girls about how to ignore that inner mean girl we all have telling us we can’t do something and how to overcome negative beliefs about ourselves. We had Dr. Tom, a Chinese doctor talk to us about the importance of gut health, Ange from Organic Empire talk all things nutrition and my dear friend Robyn, a life/business/success/all round superstar coach, who really taught us how to set ourselves up to succeed in all things.

It was extremely educational, empowering and inspiring and we can’t thank our guest speakers enough! To see some snippets from the day, click here!

Now it alllll slows back down a little bit for a week or so as we get back into the swing of things and prepare for our Week 12 assessment in 6 Weeks time!

Another massive congratulations to all of our 12 Week Challenge girls for getting this far but not only getting this far, but suceeding this far. It’s not easy BUT YOU DID IT 🙂

See you for next weeks recap….

Love, Belinda xoxo