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I’m Sophie. I’m a 25 year old perioperative nurse from Melbourne, Australia. I became a nurse because from as early as I can remember, I have always wanted to help people. The human body fascinates me, and I love being able to lend myself to a person’s recovery from sickness or injury in whatever way I can. I love that my job allows me to participate in making those people who are on their journey out of this life as comfortable as I can. I guess you could say I live to help others.


    This is my personal fitness journey

I spent the first year of my nursing career caring for others whilst simultaneously destroying my own body. I was constantly unwell, experiencing numerous cases of gastro and tonsillitis, becoming so sick with pneumonia due to severe dehydration that I was even admitted to the very hospital that I worked at due to how poor my health had become. Shift work thrown in with a bad diet (my night shift meals consisted mainly of a bag of M&Ms, those sour strips, and maybe a bag of chips that I justified because I “needed” the sugar to “keep me awake”) resulted in me being a very unhealthy person all round – oh and the addition of what you could maybe call minimal exercise, if that.
Then, something in me changed. I reached the point where enough was enough. I got myself a personal trainer, Belinda Carusi, and since working with her, I have turned my life around.

Now, I work out around 4-6 times a week, the majority of my diet is clean (I’m still working on that part though), I have a positive outlook on life, I LOVE my body, and I feel amazing.


With the help of Bel, I have become a person who sets goals, in all aspects of my life, not just health and fitness. I have clear direction about what I want, I am motivated, and every day is a new and exciting challenge for me!

So why write about it?

As stated above, part of my nature is an overwhelming desire to help others. It’s why I’m a nurse, and it’s why I’m sharing my story. I know what it feels like to be overweight, unhealthy and have no idea what to do about it, and it is pitiful. I never want to feel like that again in my life, and I’m so grateful I found someone to guide me away from such a negative lifestyle. I simply want to pay that forward, and hopefully through this blog I can help others, whether its starting from square one, or helping to motivate those already on their journey.

Through my own blog, Another Fit Chick, I want to share;

· My favourite exercises; including how to do them, as well as some common mistakes that can be made

· Recipes and ideas in the kitchen I have come across to help promote a clean and healthy diet

· Mental challenges I have faced and how to keep yourself motivated and on track

I also want to share my own personal journey towards my main goal at the moment, to be a contestant in a bikini model competition and the struggles and successes I have faced so far.


Please follow and share this blog if you find it helpful. It keeps me motivated and helps me with my training and hopefully I can help you too in whatever way I can.

Thanks everyone, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas, or topics you would like me to cover!

Remember, the biggest key is to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Don’t get sucked in to all the bullshit that can pop up on here, its just hard work, dedication and being sensible about what you eat!

Really, ANYONE can do it.

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