Amanda’s Body Transformation

How is this AMAZING 12 Week transformation from our beautiful client? See Amanda’s Transformation story below!

This 12 Week Challenge has given Amanda a new lease on life, without realising, Amanda was stuck in a bit of a rut. She had no energy, struggled to leave the house and was just angry at the world. She felt like she was failing – herself and her daughter.

But that has now all changed – Amanda has now lost weight, increased her fitness level but most importantly for us she got her life back! In her words, “I became the Mum I wanted to be”

It’s not always easy for a working Mum to put herself first, but that struggle become a distant memory after really focusing on her mindset through immersing herself in our seminars and mindset training we offer through the online program. Learning how to mute that negative voice in our head we ALL have!

Committing to a healthier life has not only benefitted Amanda, but SIMPLY from eating better, her husband also lost 6kgs. How awesome is that! The power of food is amazing!

We asked Amanda how she feels now, and this was her answer…

“In a word PROUD! I committed myself, I stuck it out, got back on the horse when I feel off and in doing that took control back over my brain and body. This past 12 weeks has changed my body, my favourite pair of pre baby pants which I thought were never going to fit again are comfortable! My new level of fitness is crazy! I never ever have run 5km before, and I did! But most of all this 12 weeks has changed my brain, I’m happier, I’m more confident, I’m a nicer person, I’m a better mum! (More tears 😂😂)”

This is why we do what we do, plain and simple. Congratulations Amanda on becoming the best version of yourself, we couldn’t be prouder ❤️