A Truly Inspirational Transformation By Patty Van Pinxteren

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Until I emailed Belinda in May 2013, I spent approximately $1000 on a gym membership that I probably attended no more than 25 times in a year. I DROVE to the gym, spent 30 minutes jogging (walking) on the treadmill & lifted a few dumbbells and medicine balls because I thought I knew what I was doing. To give you an idea of where I began fitness wise, I did a once off PT session at the gym and my first ever set of 10 burpees after only the 2nd burpee I quite honestly almost vomited and couldn’t finish the round. At that point in my life, I realised I needed a change. I was introduced to the wonderful Belinda Carusi through facebook.

My first session with Belinda was almost 3 years ago to the day – 9th July 2013.  I thought I had died. And every day after that session my muscles seemed to feel worse. But I continued with Belinda, approximately 3-4 sessions a week until September 2014, in that time I lost about 4kg.  I was pretty gutted, I had only lost 4kg in 14 months, I wasn’t really seeing any results, I wasn’t upping my weights, I wasn’t feeling fitter, I hadn’t dropped a dress size & I certainly didn’t feel any more comfortable with my body.  I remember I went up to Belinda one night & I said to her I’m just not seeing any results, I’m not losing weight and that I didn’t know what to do. So she told me to write a food diary for 8 weeks. I thought I was “healthy”. Everyone at work told me I was healthy eating my yoghurt & fruit for morning tea, I was the healthiest in my family at that time who ate plenty of meat & carbs for dinner and to be honest I didn’t really think it was my diet. As Belinda suggested, I removed gluten and almost all dairy and soy products from my diet, I substituted all my white carbs (pasta, white rice, white potatoes, rice crackers, breads) to healthier carbs such as brown rice, sweet potato or mostly used a simple spinach & tomato salad and forced myself to drink at least 2L water a day. The biggest difference I found was that I stopped eating sugar strictly for 1 month, and used it sparingly the months to follow. It was a huge change in my diet as I ate gluten, dairy, sugar, salts & white carbs in most of my breakfasts, lunches & dinners.  From October 2014-March 2015, still only attending 3-4 sessions a week I lost 16kg. I don’t really like to use weights or scales to guide my story, but that gives you an idea of how IMPORTANT your diet is when trying to lose weight. And the best thing about this change in diet is that I got to eat 6 TIMES A DAY (before I only ate 2-3 meals with plenty of snacks) and STILL LOSE WEIGHT!


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I have realised a few things through this whole process. They don’t say diet = 80% and        exercise = 20% for nothing. My story is a true testament to that. I truly believe if you        follow a lean, healthy diet you will get guaranteed results a lot faster than if you trained    400 times a week with the standard “healthy” diet we are brought up on. I used Belinda’s  12 week guide & recipe book like my own PT to achieving my goals. That’s not    to say you  can’t treat yourself. You will probably go bananas if you don’t eat chocolate or  something  sweet for a full 12 weeks – give in to it if you want to and wake up the next day  knowing  you can do better than yesterday. Following an 80/20 approach is a great way to  control  your diet.

You are the only person that is stopping you from losing the weight. You can blame            anything or anyone else for how you feel about yourself however at the end of the day,      ultimately YOU are the only person feeding your body, physically and emotionally. I          still realise to this day that if you truly want results, you can get them. I understand it’s    hard – you might live with people who won’t support your change in lifestyle or you          might not think you have enough time. To give an example, the other 4 people in my          house eat gluten, diary, white carbs and sugar in almost all their meals (not saying they  are unhealthy as such, just have a different diet). That hasn’t stopped me from cooking all my own meals, meal prepping weekly and replacing A LOT of food in the pantry with my goodies. I also work shift work as a nurse, most shifts I run around like a mad woman and walk approximately 5km give or take but I still manage to come to boot camp up to 6 times a week. Stop making excuses – there simply aren’t enough excuses out there to justify why you may eat the foods you eat or why you don’t come to boot camp. This is one of Belinda’s favourite quotes: ‘You can either have results, or excuses, you can’t have both.’

Train your butt off!!!!!!!!! When you go to boot camp, you are paying to exercise for only 1 hour in your day. Make the absolute most of it! Just get it done – If anyone has noticed I sweat bullets when I am at boot camp and there’s not too many days where I walk away and think I slacked off in the session. Up your weights, complete more reps in that 45 second round or squat a little lower – whatever you do give it 110% because your body will reward you by seeing the results you’ve been waiting for!

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The last thing I’ll say is trust the process. Trust your body & trust the trainers at the Hub.  Use the trainers and girls at the reception desk, seek the reasons as to why you might not be getting the results you want, ask some of the girls who train at the Hub how they’ve done it, write down what goals you want to achieve & beg your friends to come work out with you. Another thing – forget the scales. Just forget about them! They are good as an overall indicator, however your body is doing a lot more than just shredding weight on a day-to-day basis. Your body fat drops, your muscles mass increases, the fluid in your body moves around and you develop tone, which is not necessarily from a loss of weight but a gain in muscle. I’ve come to realise how simple it is: if you eat well & train hard your body will do the rest.

Thank you to the entire team of WONDERFUL humans who work long hours & put in every effort to provide a welcoming environment for all the wonder women who come and train at the Hub. We are SO LUCKY to have healthy bodies that we can train and exercise to make ourselves feel like lean mean girlie machines! Something that took me a while to understand is that if you accept this journey as a lifestyle change, something that will naturally shape your lives for years to come and realise this is not just a 12 week quick fix, you’re already half way there.



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