12 Week Transformation Challenge Winner – KIM HARE

We are so proud to announce our 12 Week Transformation Challenge Winner, Kim Hare!

Our final 12 Week Challenge for 2016 has officially ended, we were extremely excited to crown our winner, the winner of a Bikini Holiday valued at $1500! But most importantly Kim won a healthier and happier self, and we are so proud to share her story with you all.

Kim is originally from England, moving to Australia four years ago to be with her partner, Chris. A massive lifestyle shift which took it’s toll on Kim both mentally and physically. Joining The Hub two years ago now, the incentive of winning a holiday pushed Kim to be her fittest, strongest and healthiest version of herself.

Throughout this 12 Weeks, Kim has been an all round superstar. Kim’s body composition scan shows she has lost a total of 4.8 kg’s of pure body fat, 5% in body fat percentage and  a massive decrease of 4 points in visceral fat, showing consistency in her nutrition, physical exercise and general well-being. Attending Bootcamp 4-5 times per week, consistently for 12 Weeks, Kim’s overall fitness and strength levels have increased massively! As well as having an amazing physical transformation, Kim’s overall lifestyle changes are extremely inspiring.




We asked Kim to answer a series of questions for us, see what she had to say about her Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub journey below…


How has this 12 week challenge changed your life?

Where to begin, first physically I have seen my body transform losing 5kg and building muscle I have kicked my goals arse. I am back in the body I love and my headspace has followed. I no longer suffer from IBS and bloating, due to cutting out processed foods and dairy. This 12 weeks I have gone down a dress size and gone up in confidence, positivity and my mind is clear and focused.

What issues and/or struggles have you had to overcome that may have had an affect on your challenge?

I was diagnosed with severe health anxiety in July and prescribed anti depressants to control the issue, this combined with a total lack of energy and a terrible headspace, resulted in a rapid 7kg weight gain, with a looming wedding the 12 week challenge came at the perfect time and I was ready to set some new goals and concentrate on what I knew makes me happy.

The middle of the year was a dark, miserable time for me with homesickness on top of it all, if I could have imagined my year ending feeling and looking like this I wouldn’t have believed it.

Week 6 of this 12 Week Challenge, I came completely off the medication and my anxiety has 100% disappeared.

How has this 12 week changed your families life, or your partners? 

My whole family is on a health kick and doing incredible, myself and 3 brother in laws are participating in the oxfam 100k trail walk in April 2017.

My fiancee Craig has also lost 8kg now due to my change in nutrition, meal prep and pushing him to set up a garage gym.

How do you feel in yourself now, compared to the beginning of this 12 week challenge?

I have attended over 64 session including yoga and pilates, I have meet so many new faces in the past 12 weeks than in my last 2 years at The Hub. I am lucky I can change up my times at the gym to see lots of different girls. I also had only attended two 6am before this 12 Week Challenge, now they are my favourite.

Joining The Hub has played a massive role in feeling settled in Australia, being part of a community and making friends has made me so much happier these past 12 weeks.

What is your next goal?

Keep it up! The energy boost is making my life so much more productive as well as organised with meals and fitting in classes. My goals are to stay as accountable with attending sessions and my nutrition, and to enjoy everyday (also another 5 kg would be really fantastic!!)

If you would like to learn more about the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub 12 Week Challenge, please CLICK HERE to learn more.



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