12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

How Does The 12 Week Transformation Challenge Work? And Why Do I Need To Be a Part Of It?

The Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub operates 12 Week Challenges every 12 Weeks and offers you the opportunity to be part of a special program designed to fat track your results.

If your looking to lose weight, tone up and get stronger, the 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge is for you.

Massive Prizes!

Not only you get the body you deserve, but the winner of the 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge is awarded with a massive prize worth over $1500.

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Access to the Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub Online Program

A program developed to address the wants and needs of my clients over the past 8 years in the industry.

The Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub Online Program includes:

  • Prep Week – Setting up your 12 Weeks up for success by eliminating temptations,
  • 12 Week Meal Plan designed specifically for women and the needs of women.
  • 12 Week Home Workout Plan, ensuring that you are working our each and every day, whilst consistently testing your fitness levels.
  • Nutrtion Education – Answering the questions you keep asking and making it clear and easy to implement.
  • Fitness Education – A catalogue of exercises for you to learn and put into action.
  • Mindset Training – Helping you understand your goals and why them are really….important to you.

12 Week Challenge Assessment Days

To ensure that you are constantly improving we do assessments every 6 weeks. This includes progression photos, measurements and a fun training session, which evaluates your fitness levels to see how they develop.

Assessment days are dedicated to the 12 Week Challenge members only and set the baseline, both for your body transformation, but also the mindset required to commit to the challenge and make it happen.

BCFH Seminars

We understand that information without action isn’t going to get results. BCFH Seminars teach you the reasons why, answer our questions and help develop your action plan to make it happen.

What Else is Included?

Each and every 12 Weeks we add something specific to the focus of the 12 Week Challenge. That means, supplements, special event days and much more.

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The Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub is a Women’s only Bootcamp facility located in Kilsyth, Melbourne that focuses on 12 Week Body Transformation Challenges, Group Fitness, Personal Training and Nutrition Education. 

Suburbs we service: Bootcamp Kilsyth, Bootcamp Mooroolbark, Bootcamp Croydon. Bootcamp Lilydale, Bootcamp Bayswater, Bootcamp The Basin, Bootcamp Ringwood, Bootcamp Chirnside Park, Bootcamp Heathmont, Bootcamp Wantirna, Bootcamp Boronia